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How to Become the Property Insurance Company Everyone Loves

Modern customers in every single industry expect a seamless customer experience, regardless of the product or service a company is providing. In the insurance industry, policyholders expect no less. When it comes time to arrange logistics with insurance adjusters, inspectors, and appraisers as part of the claims process, digital scheduling using the best field service software isn’t a nice to have; it’s a must-have.

As noted by McKinsey, “the difference between great and poor customer service has always been clear, and businesses on the wrong end of this spectrum usually pay a price. This is as true for insurance as it is for any other customer-facing business.” If scheduling claims adjuster appointments are not powered by modern-day field service software, your efforts to improve insurance reviews will undoubtedly fall short.

Read on to learn how offering your policyholders better adjuster management improves the customer experience. The result: customers truly want to work with your insurance company.

How Adjuster Management Impacts Customer Experience

Scheduling an appointment with a claims adjuster is one piece in the puzzle that makes up the customer journey for your policyholders--but it’s an absolutely crucial piece to get right. To ensure the entire experience is easy, painless, and enjoyable, use modern insurance software to improve your customer journey

When customers need to file a claim, they need to do it quickly, from the comfort of their smartphones. Modern tech-savvy customers become extremely frustrated by long appointment wait times, clunky phone scheduling, and packed adjuster schedules. This frustration can lead busy and overwhelmed customers to take their business elsewhere. 

Without modern scheduling technology, the process of scheduling an appointment, meeting with an adjuster, and getting visibility post-appointment into the claims process is sub-par. In today’s fast-paced society, sub-part adjuster management leads to negative customer reviews. 

What It’s Like Having a Negative Experience with Insurance Claims Adjusters

Policyholders who leave these negative reviews are coming off a negative experience with insurance claims adjusters. They are already experiencing a difficult time and are left feeling out of control, out of options, and frustrated by having to deal with property issues and related claims. 

  • If it takes more than a few minutes to schedule an appointment, customers become aggravated 
  • If the scheduled adjuster is late or doesn’t show up, customer dissatisfaction increases
  • The ultimate result: very negative reviews and backlash via social media

For your business, the impact of this negative customer experience can be catastrophic, leading to customer churn and a decline in the number of new policyholders.

Make Scheduling a Claims Adjuster Appointment Easy on Your Policyholders
Use the best field service software on the market
Learn how >>

How to Proactively Create a Better Customer Experience to Be an In-Demand Insurance Company

Here’s the good news: modern insurance companies can use field service software to eliminate these pain points and create a better customer experience for policyholders. Deliver the following benefits to both your adjusters and policyholders through technology-powered automation:

Improve adjuster scheduling using a GANTT system.

Life is fraught with change, hour-by-hour. So it’s no surprise that adjuster schedules can change in a moment’s notice, for a variety of reasons. Save yourself the headache of keeping tabs on all the moving parts with a little help from technology powered by artificial intelligence. Keep track of adjuster availability, schedules, and locations through a GANTT system.

Enable faster invoicing for happier adjusters.

Using the best field service software, you’ll not only make dynamic adjuster scheduling easier, you’ll also make the invoicing process much smoother for your adjusters. Digital invoices can easily be sent and processed, cutting down on lag time, which streamlines this step of the often painstaking claims process. As a result, there’s one less thing for your adjusters (and your policyholders) to worry about amidst their busy schedules.

Use a customer communication portal to directly communicate with the adjuster.

In addition to more efficient scheduling and invoicing, modern field service software lets you leverage the power of an intelligent customer communication portal to ensure your customers feel heard and valued. Customers can:

  • Entitle their service requests
  • Inquire about specific times for service
  • Check appointment status
  • Communicate directly with the adjuster assigned to their service call

Explore how you can efficiently manage policyholders and adjusters the modern way. Learn more about the best field service software.

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