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How Real-Time Data Empowers Your Field Service Team

Field service technicians who pay attention to the nuances of a great service experience give your organization its competitive advantage. The qualitative aspects of field service impact your performance as much as easily measured areas like first-time fix rate, on-time arrival, and customer satisfaction rating.

Field service technicians are your boots on the ground, noticing sea changes. As these men and women go about their days, they may notice the subtle distinctions between jobs that are completed quickly and those that take more time. They likely pick up on signs of customers who are primed for frustration and are the best judges of what makes for a successful workday.

Leverage the knowledge of your field service technicians by giving them the ability to collect and share data with the company in real time. When field techs are empowered to share and collect real-time data through a single platform, they can rise to the top when it comes to customer service.

Enable your field service team to make better judgment calls, improve their first-time fix rates, and boost customer satisfaction with real-time data.

Real-time Data Boosts Operational Efficiency

Many field service companies use field service software without understanding how to best integrate it into their daily operations. Real-time data aggregation is the only way to ensure that your past year’s success is projected onto today through calculated, smart field service management. Real-time data aggregation in field service software takes what is occurring in the field and contextualizes it.

This results in:

  • Empowered field technicians
  • Better route optimization
  • Improved first-time fix rates
  • Proven customer satisfaction methodologies

Empowered technicians are the key to operational efficiency. Here are a few ways that real-time data improves your operational efficiency:

Smarter field service management

With real-time data integration, you can track, schedule, and dispatch the best-fit technicians for the right jobs. You also maintain visibility into the locations and completion statuses for field techs, meaning you can maximize your contractors’ and employees’ time by dispatching them to new jobs sooner.

Faster customer support

Your field service technicians are face-to-face with customers, gathering important information they can relay to the team. Tracking how resolutions are reached internally gives you actionable data for future fixes. For instance, if field service technicians resolve complex issues through a video chat with fellow experts in your field service organization from the job site, you can cut out the time and cost of sending another technician to help them solve the customer’s problem.

Real-time communication, data collection, and a knowledge base in the service cloud enable faster customer support.  Aggregate data from real-time solutions lead to better, faster learning and ultimately results in more efficient customer support.

Real-time Data Makes Customers Happier

Confident field technicians make for happier customers.

Field technicians are people who respond to stress like all of us – fight, flee or freeze. When field service technicians face time-sensitive fixes, such as repairing the central air system in a data center, they need real-time data feedback to help them keep their cool.

You can increase customer satisfaction by decreasing field service technician stress:

Another way to make customers happier is to find the right people for the job. Recruit field service technicians who are passionate about finding solutions, and you’ll have customers lining up to use your field service organization.

Lag Time in Data Hurts Your Bottom Line

Everyone from field service technicians to the C-suite benefits from access to real-time granular and aggregate operational data. This includes salient KPIs such as:

  • First-time fix rate: Empower field service technicians to understand their own rating with FTFR to self-assess and improve their track records.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings: Understand what works over long periods of time as well as what is working for customers yesterday, today, and right now. Viewing ratings instantaneously gives you more control and enables faster responses to critical feedback to manage your company’s image in the age where online ratings rule.

Most often, organizations keep a wary eye on slumps in customer ratings. Positive reviews and areas of growth are just as worthy of investigation. Keep an eye on troughs and peaks in satisfaction ratings and understand the etiology of each with AI-enhanced field service software.

Turn your real-time data into immediately effective business information for faster, wiser field service management. Learn how to strategically position field service techs with smart field service software today.

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