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Home Smart Limited Signs ServicePower Reseller Agreement

New Agreement Extends Sales of ServicePower

ServicePower Technologies Plc (AIM: SVR), a market leader in mobile workforce management software, announced today that Home Smart Limited, a Canadian based firm, specializing in consulting to the utilities and oil and gas sectors, has signed a new contract with ServicePower to resell its mobile workforce management solution, including ServicePower. 

In addition to the utilities and oil and gas EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) sectors, Home Smart will focus on reselling ServicePower to field service and supply chain organizations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. ServicePower offers an integrated, cloud-based mobile workforce management technology solution. It provides enterprises with a simple way to optimize the activities of its mobile workforces so that utilities & oil and gas operators can meet the needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers, using internal employed or contracted workforces, in any field conditions. 

Femi Ayankogbe, Managing Director, Home Smart Limited stated “We’re excited to bring ServicePower’s innovative technology to both regions.  ServicePower provides Home Smart Limited’s clients, with a robust, end-to-end mobile workforce management platform, that was again recognized by Gartner in 2016 as a visionary. The platform will meet the needs of our customers in these regions. It supports the workforce scheduling nuances unique to each vertical, while providing the configurability required to meet the changing demands of the market.  Additionally, the potential CAPEX cost-entry barrier is eliminated with ServicePower’s Cloud SaaS subscription model, which allows our clients to ‘test the waters’ without considerable upfront investment.” 

ServicePower’s end-to-end platform supports the utilities and oil and gas verticals’ unique requirements, such as multi-day job scheduling, lat/long scheduling, mobile device handshake to support evolving location conditions. It can also be used to rapidly deploy contracted labor to address demand spikes, such as catastrophes and storms restoration activities. 

Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower, stated “This is an exciting new relationship for ServicePower.  The combination of Home Smart’s regional expertise and the robustness of the ServicePower product will help the region improve the productivity and reliability of its significant utilities, oil and gas infrastructure.   It will further extend ServicePower’s capability to serve increasing global demand.”

For further information, please contact: 

Jenniffer Breitenstein
Home Smart Limited
Tel: +1 416 889 2617
Femi Ayankogbe, CEO


About ServicePower

ServicePower is the only mobile workforce management platform which facilitates true, multifactor schedule optimization and intelligent dispatching to employed or contracted workforces, while providing the most robust claims and warranty management software in the industry, as well as full mobilization of on-site process to support every field based event. ServicePower’s platform supports organizations with high transaction volumes, high asset values or high personnel costs as each transforms their businesses, capturing new business opportunities and producing measurable, valuable customer outcomes.

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