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Taking Field Service Organizations Back to Basics

Field service management has gotten more advanced these days as vendors, including ServicePower, further expand the adoption of technologies like M2M and artificial intelligence, embrace new trends like daily deals, social collaboration, and more. But field service organizations need to be careful not to be swept up by the hype of what is newest and most exciting in field service management.

While looking to the future is a very important part of achieving future competitive edge, field service organization must not let that distract from the issues that need to be remedied in the now. Things like first-time fix rate, labor time per job, travel time per job, and customer survey scores need to be addressed directly to help field service organizations achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Fixing these things in the now gives field service organizations the ability to plan and innovate for the future.

So what does it mean to take things back to basics? It means ensuring that your field service management solution is working for you while still innovating for the future. Has your attention to the now faltered as you look to your future in field service? If so, take a look at an example of what you should make sure to focus your field service on:

First-Time Fix Rate

This metric is underrated considering the fact that improving your first-time fix rate will significantly reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. Does your current field service management actually work to improve your first-time fix rate? First-time fix rate can be improved by:

1. Providing your field techs with the right tools and resources to complete the job the first time on site

The best way to do this is to optimally schedule parts and offer mobile access to schematics, diagrams, and colleagues.

2. Scheduling an employee with the right skill level

The best way to do this is to have an automated, continually optimized schedule that picks the right tech based on specified parameters like skill set or “local knowledge.”

3. Offering remote diagnostics

The best way to do this is to integrate M2M technology into your product and service offerings, where sensors can diagnosis issues and send data to your front and back-end systems. Offering phone diagnostics to customers can also help improve first-time fix rate.

4. Ensuring the customer will be home

The best way to do this is to offer real-time communication to customers, as well as a customer portal where customers can make or change appointment times and list preferences.

The good news? With ServicePower’s Smart Services, you can do everything listed above, and more, addressing the pain-points that matter right now to your field service. That means that you will be seeing ROI now, all while gaining a future competitive edge at the same time. We make sure that our future innovation doesn’t hinder our delivery of our field service management solution now, built to help you deliver the best field service possible.

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