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ServicePower enables Best in Class Field Service

Mark Duffin, CEO, spoke at the Field Service 2013 show in Indian Wells, CA yesterday. The following is an excerpt of his discussion of innovative technologies.


“According to Aberdeen’s Field Service 2013: Workforce Management Guide, the top Field Service Complaints are:

• Field technician didn’t resolve the issue

• Wait time for an appointment is too long

• Field technician arrival for the appointment is late

Aberdeen says to achieve best in class field service, organizations must:

• Integrate parts

• Schedule service frequently, centralized

• Empower the field with mobile devices

• Develop dynamic resource plans

• User performance tools to tweak plans, schedule parameters and WM practices

• Publish service information across the enterprise

• Cloud based deployment of field service tools (due to benefits from cost, investment, and scalability, time to deploy)

ServicePower’s Mobile Field Management Platform enables best in class service. Let’s address 4 of the actions Aberdeen determined are required for building a best in class field service organization.

1. Empower the Field with Mobile Devices

To mobilized field resources, field service organizations must:

• Support and maintain a mobile device management program to keep up with changing device models and operating systems

• Support a multitude of different field devices as BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) strategies gain popularity with employees and contractor labor channels

• Remove the barrier to entry for contractors; use devices they already have

To support the changing field service environment, ServicePower enables field service organizations to deploy cutting edge hybrid HTML5 mobility technology with ServiceMobility!

• Hybrid HTML5 works on any device that can open a web browser,

• Device and OS agnostic

• Browser based product takes advantage of elements found in native apps, to ensure a consistent, OS centric user experience.

• Supports key enterprise requirements such as disconnected data, real time status and geo-location data capture,

• Signature capture and barcode scanning

2. Develop Dynamic Resource Plans

Field Service Organizations historically use either employees or independent contractors, or some combination with no intelligent co-mingling to achieve the best results

Dynamically mixing labor channels enables field organizations to:

• Control technician availability- offer the best technician to meet consumer commitments.

• Manage skill and geography based demand –maintain employed labor for regularly required skills/geography while booking work to contactors where special skills or distant geographical coverage is required.

• Manage Cycle time -distribute work to the labor channel with the most desired cycle time metrics.

• Control Quality – distribute work based upon quality of service metrics.

• Manage Seasonality -co-mingle contractor labor channels while maintaining employed workforce at constant levels, rather than managing to seasonal or catastrophic events.

• Control Cost - send work to the least costly resource.

• Maximize Margin - reserve higher margin work for employees

ServiceBroker enables Field Service Organization to benefit from using all labor channels

3. Publish Service Information Across Enterprise

Publishing information in the age of crowdsourcing has changed.

Crowd sourcing means obtaining services, ideas, or content from a large group of people, particularly online communities 1

Field Service Organizations benefit from crowd sourcing by:

• Offering services to the entire online community

• Utilizing crowd sourced ratings information

• Gaining access to crowd sourced knowledge, such as repair or installation information from the community

• Gaining market share through social commerce

• Leveraging the crowd for social relevance in just-in-time content

• Increasing brand strength and relevance through trends from online and word of mouth campaigns, launching in June 2013, uses crowd sourcing to drive excitement in new contractor verticals, firmly establishing ServicePower as the ‘eBay of services’.

4. Cloud Based Deployment of Field Service Tools

Cloud Deployment has become more and more important for field service organizations.

For Field Service Organizations, cloud based tools:

• Provide access to historically expensive and infrastructure rich field scheduling technology

• Decrease IT costs

• Decreases back office costs

• Increases field service margins

• Enable contractors to realize the same cost saving and efficiency benefits, driving down the cost of using mixed labor channels

• Real time connectivity to field events

• Expertly Security, redundancy and failover safeguards

The entire ServicePower Field Management platform can be deployed in the cloud.”


For more information about how ServicePower can help you achieve a best in class service organization, contact us at




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