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Be a Driving Force of Innovation and Inspiration

At the bottom line, field service is important because it touches customers’ lives. At ServicePower, we care not only about our customers, but about the customers of our customers as well. It is our goal to implement software solutions that not only drive the bottom line, but also delight and inspire. Our field service solutions are built to truly innovate the service industry, starting with the consumer.

Recently a great figure of our time, Maya Angelou, passed away. I only met her once when I was an undergraduate at Georgetown and several of my classmates and I were at the City Club of Washington following Clinton’s inauguration. Ms. Angelou had a presence, inspiring and touching many lives with a graciousness that we don’t see much anymore. It used to be common place that many of the literary giants in a given age were poets, but that is rare now. Think of William Yeats, Khalil Gibran, Pablo Neruda, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, we can go on. The art and beauty of poetry is somewhat forgotten in many aspects of modern life.

Maya Angelou’s passing also reminded me of Paul Harvey, whose personality differed greatly from Angelou’s, but was of the same generation. For people in the West and Mid-West, Mr. Harvey was practically an icon with his radio show. He was a practical man in the way that the Sears & Roebuck catalogue was a practical necessity before the era of shopping malls.

You may be wondering what great literary artists and talk show hosts have to do with field service management. At their core, all three have a commonality, inspiration. Perhaps software has taken place of the inspiration giants of the past, and in doing so, it carries with it the burden driving the socio-economic evolution of culture. Business leaders should not only build innovative technology that will bring them profits and business success, but they should strive to build technology that will touch the world, and maybe even change it.

At ServicePower, we are passionate about field service. Not just to close deals and grow our company, but our people really care about meeting our customers’ needs and helping them to achieve the returns and customer experience from using our software. And beyond that, we are designing and implementing software that looks to the future, that boasts sustainability as well as the opportunity to change the field service approach entirely, and with it, a little bit of the world.

Next month, our newly developed cloud mobility product is launching. With it, we hope to change and innovate an industry that is already inundated with mobile offerings. Because in the same way Maya Angelou approached her art in a new and refreshing way, we have taken a new outlook on mobility. In development, we worked from a variety of viewpoints, to create an all-encompassing solution that would satisfy all that would touch it, from dispatch, to service manager, to the field technician. With a sleek, easy to navigate user interface, complete flexibility to fit into any organizations MDM strategy, and the power to grow with your organization, we are looking to inject a new surge of inspiration into the market.

We all have large or small roles to play in how we inspire those around us. We at ServicePower are playing our part in field service, but don’t forget that each of us personally has the same opportunity. Make a difference in the lives of those whose paths you cross – one step after another, the same as we at ServicePower are doing for our customers. Make sure that Maya Angelou isn’t one the last of the great inspirers of our time.

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