Amy Khalfay
Amy studied BSc Hons Mathematics at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) 2011-2014. She achieved a 1st class honours as well as the Institute of Mathematics (IMA) award. Amy is currently studying a Ph.D. in computational optimisation, at MMU, entitled “Optimisation Techniques for Solving Technician and Task Scheduling Problems“. She is sponsored by and collaborating with Service Power, a world leader in field service scheduling. Amy’s main research interests include; combinatorial optimisation, statistical analysis, scheduling and timetabling. Amy is also a member of the Athena Swan project, which seeks to promote STEM subjects to females and improve the gender imbalance in these subjects.
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Applying the Intelligent Decision Heuristic to Large Scale Technician and Task Scheduling | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service
Amy Khalfay, currently a PhD candidate in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University, is working in conjunction with MMU and ServicePower to research additional Quantum powered intelligent decision logic related to field service scheduling.  ServicePower filed patents for four new Quantum optimisation algorithms in 2016 which have now been proven to significantly improve mobile workforce deployment and efficiency, up to 50% more than older technologies. In this newest round of research and development, Amy discusses new quantum based improvements in her paper, "Applying the Intelligent Decision Heuristic to Large Scale Technician and Task Scheduling Problems" which has been accepted for presentation to the KES Intelligent Decision Technologies (IDT) 2017 conference being held in Portugal in June.  In the blog below, Amy discusses her research and its implications on field service scheduling.