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Are You on the Edge?

Are you on the cutting edge of field service in 2018?

Your field service management technology must  support differentiation in your service offering to drive the greatest value for all members of the fields service ecosystem.

Historically, field service companies have either focused on the customer or they have focused on an asset.  However, focus on both are now required in the modern service organization. 

ServicePower is the only workforce management software that can put customers and assets at the forefront using the power of its patented and proven technology.  Until recently,  field service organizations have been seen as an area to reduce cost, rather than to drive revenue, but we all know that service has as much or more to do with your brand than the retail channels or sales enablement activities.  

Customers and Assets Both Matter

Times are changing.  Customers want a brand that understands them from the point of sale to post sales service, which have adapted to consumer-centric digital technologies that have inundated our personal lives. Assets also have now more and more intelligence built into them to communicate directly with customers and service providers.  Expectations of real time interactions are only increasing.

The customer and the his or her assets are on a colliding path of digital transformation! 

Many manufacturers and service providers  are struggling to improve data utilization to understand what the customer wants, what should be the “right” maintenance schedule, how IOT can drive different service and triage workflows, and when an asset is at risk of breaking.  The connected asset has long been in the factory, but now these assets might be mobile, they might be in local offices or businesses, and they might be in homes. Servicing a connected asset might now mean more than simple repair or SLA maintenance. Consumer expectations are quickly evolving what they expect of an asset, especially a connected asset. It now evolves around improved up time, facilitating increased usage and offering more training and other value added services.   

Understanding the new relationship between and among customers and assets will differentiate your service business.

Differentiating Service 

Differentiating service delivery, whether using a skilled, credentialed employed technician or an independent contractor, continues to rely on making sure that the technician or mobile worker not only has the skills to match the customer and asset requirements, but also the technology, parts and tools to do so - in real time.  

This customer and asset focus requires deep and broad mobile functionality, the power of artificial intelligence, sophisticated entitlement, and decades of knowledge about field service and how to manage it. It's about factoring in IOT or other cognitive insights  into your service strategy to better engage and empower your customer or technicians.  It requires the ability to add knowledge to the service journey and to drive the fundamentals that ultimately matter to an organization - growing market share of manufactured products and service revenue.  

The attach rate both in the United States and globally is still lower than it could be for service and maintenance contracts.  Changing that requires use of a technology that understands both customers and assets,  including what customers want, and the complexity of service delivery.  SLA achievement must improve to increase renewal rates, and is a very important metric. To go beyond, you need a differentiator that makes customers want to do more with you. 

CRM and ERP companies providing field service management technology on the side of their core technology are not what ultimately you can use to build a differentiated service journey.  Do you want to be an add on or an after thought? Or do you want to have a service business that understands both customers and assets in a way that enables your service organization to be superior? 

We know the answer. Do you?

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