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5 ways field techs are affected by field service software

Would you rather pay your field service professionals to spend more time with customers or spend more time driving their vehicle and doing administrative work? I think the answer is obvious.

If you have read any of my past blogs, you’ll know that I have worked in the In-home Repair business for over 30 years in varying roles. Being in the business for that long, I have seen many things that would have been corrected if only the investment in the right field service management software was made.

Today I am going to touch on what I believe to be the 5 most important things that change for the field service professional when the right field service management software is implemented. You can think of it as the “what’s in it for me” as you build out your change management plan.

1)    Tighter routes – The best scheduling software has optimized appointment booking and real time dynamic scheduling. Keep your field service professionals in front of customers, not behind the wheel.

2)    Jobs that match their skills – The best scheduling software provides complex skill management. No one wants to see something for the first time while in front of a customer. Complex skill management allows field service professionals to be set up with the right skills to get the jobs they are most comfortable performing.

3)    Able to see and to capture critical information at their fingertips – The best mobility applications allow for job and activity management, inventory management, time keeping, travel routes and maps, schematics and parts breakdowns, reporting, ability to attach photos &/or documents, create forms, capture signature and ability to accept payments.

4)    Ability to update work orders in real time – When you’re in the middle of a job the last thing you want is your phone to be ringing with someone on the other end inquiring about one of your jobs. With the best mobility application, you’ll be able to provide real time updates that can be seen by those supporting you and your customers.

5)    Reporting that lets them know how they are doing as an individual contributor to the business – The best workforce management software captures and stores data that can be used for KPI reporting. Employees want to know how they are performing and how they compare to their peers. This gives leaders the ability to hone in KPIs and easily develop plans to improve them.

Field service professionals chose their profession for many positive reasons but there are five reasons that seem to regularly come up that create frustration for them. I have spent a lot of time with field service professionals over the years. Whether it was during round tables, ride alongs or one-on-ones I found the things that always came up were the five things that will improve by implementing the best field service management software.

1)    Too much drive time

2)    I get jobs scheduled to me that I am not trained on

3)    I always have to do research to get all the information I need to perform the job

4)    My Dispatchers call me all day long to inquire about jobs that I don’t even remember doing. I have to stop everything to research them.

5)    Either one of two things. My boss tells me I need to improve or my boss tells me I am doing great. Many times for either, the employee doesn’t know in what areas and the reason why.

Invest in a field service managment software and you will benefit from robust optimization that will produce most productive routes. You will see your field service professionals getting calls that they have been trained to perform. Your employees will have as much information as possible before running the job and will be able to make real time updates to data and statuses while onsite with their customer. You will have access to data points that can be used to produce reports that will help your leadership and employees know exactly how they are performing and which KPIs they need to work on or are excelling in.

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