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3D Printing

With drastic changes in technology new innovative tools are being utilized to cut thousand of dollars in costs for many industries. One such industry is ones that employ field service technicians. There is often a look of time wasted on these individuals searching for specific parts they hope to have in their supply trucks or having to reschedule a second appointment because the parts they need they do not have. This cost companies wasted money each month that in the past there had been no solution to avoiding these cost. Now however, with the use of 3D printing a majority of this wasted time and money can soon be cut down significantly.


3D printing has been a work in process for over three decades and just recently the success of this technology began to take shape. 3D printing makes it possible to print three-dimensional solid objects from a printer. The process uses a variety of different materials in powder form using inkjet printer heads. The printer renders a 3D object that is printed in layers from computer files. There are a number of different types of printers that use different materials and processes. This can mean a major shift in the way field service technicians are able to do their jobs.


Keeps The Inventory In Balance

Prior to being able to use 3D printing many trucks were simply loaded with parts field service technicians may need. Many of these parts can be left and forgotten about for prolonged periods of time, which can lead to ordering parts that you actually do not need. With the use of 3D printing service field technicians can simply print parts they need without have to senselessly stock parts for just in case instances.

Lowers Cost Of Service

Your customers can also benefit in a number of ways if you choose also. By not having to additional stock for parts not needed the customers, who usually takes up this additional cost, will enjoy a lower bill. The 3D printers eliminate a majority of this excessive stock meaning you can lower the rates for your customers.

Better Able To Meet Customer Demands

More often than not a field service technician needs to schedule a second appointment to fix the problem the customers has because they do not have all the parts on hand to make to appropriate repairs. This not only cost more money for your company but leads to a lot of unhappy customers. By having a truck or van equipped with a 3D printer, field service technicians can simply print parts they need and avoid having to schedule another time to return to complete the repair.

Boost Customer Service

Utilizing 3D printers for your field service technicians can greatly improve your company’s customer service. Your customers will be satisfied with the fact that repairs can be made in one visit, which goes a long way. No longer will customers have to wait around all day for the technicians to show just to do a quick look over at the problem and have to come back another time to actually make the repair.

3D Printing has been a work in progress for a number of years but only recently is it beginning to be seen as an actual possibility to use in a number of businesses. The field service industry can greatly benefit from setting up 3D printing in their field service trucks or vans. Being able to print parts on demand can cut a number of costs and greatly boost your company’s customer service.

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