Improve customer satisfaction through intelligent work order scheduling, customer asset and part inventory management.

ServicePower’s work order, asset and inventory management solution is a critical component of the end-to-end service management functionality required by any field service operation to simplify service delivery, maximize profits and satisfy customers.

ServicePower enables intelligent customer asset management and preventative services offers, as well as part inventory management. Utilize your expensive resources more efficiently, have fewer truck rolls, and increase revenue with ServicePower.

With ServicePower: 

Improve Work Order Management


Improve Asset Management


Improve Inventory Management


From entitlement to scheduling, dispatching and mobility, ServicePower defines job requirements and performs robust entitlement.  It enables dispatchers to easily assign jobs to field workers, with the associated assets, parts, tasks, estimation and payment processing capabilities, driving customer satisfaction rates.

ServicePower enables intelligent customer asset management, at the customer, location, contract or work order level. Using predictive logic, offer future maintenance contracts through our integrated mobility solution, increasing revenue and future customer satisfaction

Improve part inventory management at the tech and business level. Using predictive logic, plan part requirements, and monitor part utilization, ensuring adequate stock to decrease truck rolls, and increase first rates.



ServicePower’s work order, asset and inventory management solution offers:

  • Work order management
    • A modern Gantt scheduling interface
  • Inventory management, including locations, shipments
    • Track serialized and batch-controlled inventory
  • Manage Customer assets
    • Associate assets to work orders or accounts, service or maintenance contracts
    • Export asset list
    • Inprove asset visibility with full chain of custody and history information
    • Forecast asset replacements, extending asset life and improving uptime
    • Enable IoT Capabilities 
    • Improve Capitalization and fiscal transparency
    • Create and manage product catalogs

Streamline work order, asset and inventory management with ServicePower!

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