Take advantage of the only intelligent consumer portal bringing real time choice and visibility to your customers  – and the best in ranking logic and line of sight visibility to your field managers.



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In today’s customer driven service economy, your customers expect instant gratification.  A ready-to-deploy customer web portal that still allows you to manage your field service strategy, quality of service, and business goals might be just the solution you’re looking for.

With our intelligent consumer portal, clients enable their customers to engage, entitle, instantly schedule work, communicate with remote field technicians and monitor their field service event, improving their unique service experience.  Entitlement and the ability to modify service contracts or enable additional services to be performed on site are enabled through the power of the customer portal, the back end capabilities, and the mobile technology in the hands of technician.

If you’re moving large volumes of jobs to your workforce, or your customers have high value, critical equipment that cannot fail without causing significant impact to their operations, ServicePower provides a simple to use, feature rich customer interface that improves customer experience while maintaining your critical entitlement processes.

For customers, the portal enables you to offer: 

  • Online, real time consumer entitlement
  • Real time job booking, including appointment date/time selection
  • Appointment confirmation by e-mail or text
  • Ability to return configurable rankings with prioritization set by the client and linked to the given customer
  • Appointment status updates including job details, employee or contractor contact information and geolocation on interactive map, much like Glympse or WAZE provides to drivers
  • Direct communications with field service personnel
  • Job grouping by customer


Our platform offers the innovative performance tested, cloud based mobile workforce management technology that you’re accustomed to from ServicePower, featuring:  

  • A framable consumer module which can be embedded in your own website to offer self-service options to consumers
  • Configurable options to support your unique business needs, such as:
    • Branding and the look and feel of the user interface
    • Rules governing minimum cut off windows for cancellations and reschedules so intra-day schedule changes by consumers are minimized
    • Notification and visibility of impending technician arrival
    • Reminder notification timing as well as message content and type, including SMS, email or IVR
    • Languages customization
    • Usage reporting
  • Integration to external entitlement data including product ownership, warranty and service contract information to maximize successful scheduling
  • Product registration
  • Booking to employed or contracted mobile workers-outside your call center with all the capabilities within the wider ServicePower platform to manage, optimize and rank technicians

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