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Keys to Managing Professional Services Profitability in Unpredictable Times

Predictability is the key to successfully managing a profitable enterprise software professional services organization; however, in the real world, predictability is rare and it is the ability to adapt to changing demand for resources and maintaining profitability targets that is key. It takes foresight and guts to overcome the project variability associated with our unpredictable times.


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The days of what’s done in the dark, will stay in the dark are over. The light of social media illuminates the good, the bad, and the ugly, and more often the bad and ugly LOUDLY. Social media touches every area of our lives and the lives of others, so much so, that we now live in an interconnected world where secrets are no longer taboo. They become trending topics - etched in cement, never to be lost. And while this adds another dimension to the way we conduct our own personal sharing, social sharing, has become a source of truth for consumers that has shaped the way companies do business.


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Is the Schedule Running your Techs into a Wall?

We all have heard the many Rights of Field Service. Right technician, right time, right customer. Much of this mindset is based on scheduling a technician to quickly and efficiently reach a customer site to turn a wrench. Field service is no longer this simple. Getting a technician to a customer is now just a starting point, new concerns must be addressed in order to deliver the level of service expected by customers.


The World Isn’t Static So Your Service Organization Shouldn’t Be Either | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

The world is constantly changing, moving, and growing at exponential speeds. You see it in the constant release of new technology, an ever-shifting political environment, changing consumer trends, and more. The most successful organizations therefore adapt and grow with the environment around them, just like Starbucks has.


Proactive Service Is the Real Future of Field Service | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Field service has always taken a reactive approach to addressing issues and garnering customers. When a customer needs electricity or cable or an appliance needs servicing, they are expected to reach out and contact the respective company. The same goes for if something goes wrong.

In order for an organization to fully optimize their workforce, an essential for ensuring higher profit margins and larger competitive edge, they look to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. But there is a ceiling to how much you can improve your efficiency if your system is completely based on a reactive approach.